Business Process Management

In this technology oriented world, everyone is expected to do or achieve a lot within a stipulated time frame. With Synergy prime Limited, business process solutions service and business process management will be delivered per excellence and at a competitive price. This will eventually help you lower your operational costs. As a top rated solutions provider, this helps you execute your process efficiently and effectively.

Synergy Prime is one of the leading business outsourcing service providers in the UK. Our founders understood that telemarketing is an extremely important part of establishing a large clientele and maintaining loyal customers. Based on this original vision, we have worked tirelessly to provide our customers with premium-quality customer management services. We provide training and management for inbound and outbound calls, as well as client management and retention facilities.

Synergy Prime also understands that every business has its own needs, which is why we offer bespoke, tailor-made services for all our clients that are designed to suit their particular needs. We are also ready to provide flexible and scalable solutions to different businesses so that they can find something that is suitable for them rather than commits themselves to a plan that is either too big or too small, to meet their requirements.

By employing our services, we allow businesses to make great savings. This is because using a third-party customer management firm means that there is no need for businesses to hire their own customer management employees, which means no expensive hiring procedures, management costs or complex tax and insurance calculations.

Our high-quality VOIP connections also ensure that the customer care team is able to talk to your clients through a clear channel with excellent voice quality. We know that answering inbound calls or conducting outbound calls is not of much use if there is poor communication or unwanted static noise over the phone line. In such a scenario, not only do customers not understand what you are trying to say, but they also get a poor impression of your business. Our crystal clear channels are always kept up-to-date using the latest technology, making them ideal for conducting telemarketing operations.

What we do?

Synergy Prime helps your business by delivering end-to-end business support so that you are free to manage your team and focus on growing your business at a fraction of your current cost. This enables you to use the money you save in investing in other business priorities. We will increase your bottom line by providing you access to a diverse, highly-trained and motivated agent teams readily available to provide you with all the support you require.

Why Synergy Prime ?

  1. Committed staff

Synergy Prime offers all of its clients’ unparalleled customer service. It is extremely important for us that our customers find the business outsourcing solutions they are looking for with us. Our customer care team and committed employees are always available to answer your queries and put to rest any concerns that you may have.

  1. Scalability options

What sets Synergy Prime apart from its contemporaries is that we offer scalability options to adjust to every business’s needs. Our customizable dialer and software solutions can be changed to meet the requirements of any business, making them the ideal option for all clients. Our dedicated VOIP solutions ensure high call quality, which enables our clients to conduct their business easily. Furthermore, our staff is able to scale services at extremely short notice so that our clients can resume with their business immediately and do not have to suffer long delays.

  1. Flexibility

Our flexible customer plans ensure that each business finds something to their liking with Synergy Prime. Here we understand that each customer is unique and has their own particular needs. It is not necessary that if one plan worked for one client, it would work equally well for another. This is why we tailor our programs to suit every customer’s special requirements, and our expert staff is ready to adapt to any situation that is presented to them.

  1. Enhanced service

Synergy Prime provides its customers with the most advanced software and remote monitoring capabilities. Using these services, every customer can carry out their own quality assurance checks and can even monitor our real-time progress if they want to. All of our premium quality services ensure that you are able to carry out your business operations smoothly and with a minimum of interruptions.

  1. Intelligent customer care solutions

We realise that while older channels such fax and telephone continue to be used widely today, more and more customers are opting for more modern methods to communicate with businesses. Synergy Prime is constantly working and researching to find out what is new in the market, and how it can be adapted to suit your business model. With our smart and technologically advanced customer care solutions, we help you deliver highest-quality services to your clients so that they are encouraged to conduct business with you again.

  1. Increase ROI

At Synergy Prime, we make a conscious effort to ensure that our clients are getting a positive ROI by employing our services. This is because we have a multi-faceted approach when it comes to business outsourcing. Not only do we help our clients make new customers, but we also help them keep their older customers on board.

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