Our Clients

Synergy Prime’s Clients

Over the years, the staff and management at Synergy Prime have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with clients from different sections of the industry. We also work with one of the six big energy suppliers in the UK, as a result of which we know how to manage a vast customer base and conduct major telemarketing operations.

Due to the versatility and flexibility of our programs, we have also worked with numerous small businesses over the years. This has enabled us to understand how necessary it is to maintain a small but loyal customer base and keep them engaged through the years.

We also have experience in working with insurance, telecommunications and claims companies, all of which has enabled us to understand the individual requirement of each industry. Customers come to a company with a pre-existing set of expectations as to what they want from that, and our experience in working with companies across the business spectrum has allowed us to understand these expectations and meet them.

Synergy Prime makes a great effort to ensure that no customer is left unsatisfied with our services, and it is this commitment to the provision of quality services that has encouraged numerous businesses to employ our services time and again.