Inbound call

Do you have customers? We can help you manage them. We can help you keep track of your customers, highlight key customers and improve your costumers experience. We can provide you a web-based solution to monitor our activity which would make your whole customer service department transparent.

Synergy Prime has experience working with CRM solutions such as Genius PPT, SAP, Ventas, Centric etc  empowering people through software. Outsource with us for an excellent customer experience.

Outbound call

Our performance on outbound is next to none. We understand outbound programs are challenging and we place our best agents on it. Our trained staff is prepared to help your company grow. We have tremendous support programs for agents, ranging from coaching, performance management, compliance, agent improvement plans etc


We have an extraordinary passion business processes, we have worked with various clients, including one of the big six energy suppliers, telecoms, Insurance, claims management etc. Our appetite to keep our customers happy and help them grow their business regardless of the industry is immense hence the reason to go with Synergy Prime.