Inbound Programs

We realise how important it is for businesses to develop a clientele consisting of loyal customers. Synergy Prime can help you manage all your customers by providing you with databases that outline your business record with various customers and highlights the ones who are more important.

We have vast experience when it comes to working with CRM solutions such as SAP, Centric, Ventas and Salesforce etc. Our custom made web-based solution can assist you in keeping track of your customer service performance so that you can see for yourself the areas in which you need improvement. In this manner, businesses can work on their weakest areas and improve their overall customer service strategy. Outsource with us for excellent customer experience.

Creative Programs

We are devoted to designing superb product branding and advertising campaigns and  with top notch graphic design, top quality printing and website design that puts you ahead of the competition.

​We also offer Press and TV advertising, branding, illustration, direct mail, packaging,  email marketing campaigns etc


At Synergy Prime, we have a vast experience in dealing with businesses specialising in different areas. This has allowed us to understand what the requirements of each kind of business are and what a customer wants from that industry. Be it the IT and App services, finance, insurance, travel or health sector, we have worked with some of the top names in each, and we understand the nuanced needs of each profession. Due to our in-depth knowledge about these various business sectors, we are able to communicate our clients’ pitches and services to their customers in the most effective manner.