Why Synergy Prime

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Our success is reinforced by our unending commitment to our clients. With solid experience, technology and a well trained team we will work tirelessly to achieve your business objectives.


Our staff and agents are ready to adapt quickly to your requirements in as little time as possible.


A location in Sutton ensures we have access to high caliber agents. Clients using this center have quality trained agent teams working on their campaigns at all times.

Flexibility & Scalability

We have customisable dialer and software solution to suit any business process. We have dedicated VOIP solution to enhance call quality and we have the ability to scale up at very short notices.

Enhanced Service Levels

We give you advanced software and remote monitoring capabilities to conduct your own quality assurance. Enabling you to monitor us in real-time if you desire.

The business landscape is a rapidly evolving one where regulatory and technological changes happen on a daily basis. On one hand, it is the authorities that are adopting more and more sophisticated approach while on the other, technology is sprinting ahead in leaps and bounds. Under such a scenario corporate cultures, organizational priorities, as well as business models vary from one business to another, what is right for one might not be that suitable for the other one. As a professional Business Process Solution provider, we stand by our clients as they assess operational effectiveness, new opportunities as well as functional efficiencies using our offerings. Working with Synergy Prime is beneficial because the team here not only provides better leverage for alternative resource models but also helps in the betterment of oversight, management of human, process, and system resources. The deal cannot get better than that.